1. If you are frail or feeling unwell; have had a fever within the past 48 hours; or are being treated for a serious illness, please do not attend worship.
  2. Our attendance is limited to 25 worshipers at each service. We must therefore ask everyone who plans to attend Mass on Sunday to preregister by leaving a phone message at the parsonage (718-366-9231) no later than the Friday before. When you call, be sure to give the names of all the persons in your party.  New York City requires this procedure in case contact tracing is necessary.
  3. The gates and doors are opened at 10:00 A.M., and the building is locked promptly at 10:30 when the service begins. Please understand that we cannot unlock the doors to admit latecomers.
  4. Before entering the church, you MUST put on a mask that covers BOTH YOUR MOUTH AND YOUR NOSE, and keep it on while you’re in the building. You will, of course, have to slide it away from your mouth for a brief moment to receive Holy Communion, and then replace it immediately.
  5. Please observe the 6-foot social distancing rule at all times. With regard to seating, this means that there must be 6 feet of open space in all directions between you and other individuals or families.
  6. In order to minimize personal contact, there are no ushers on duty. Bulletins for the current Sunday, along with copies of Portals of Prayer, Strength for the Day and seasonal devotions, are available in the narthex.
  7. Please bring your own hand sanitizer for use during the service. There is also a bottle of hand sanitizer on the welcome table in the narthex, as well as a small supply of masks.
  8. The cloak room/cry room will be closed indefinitely. If you bring a coat, bag or umbrella, you’ll need carry it into your pew.
  9. To ensure adequate ventilation, the windows must remain open at all services. Please dress accordingly.
  10. There is no passing of the peace.
  11. Holy Communion is administered by intinction at the front of the chancel. Worshipers seated on the pulpit side of the nave commune first, followed by those seated on the lectern side. Communicants come forward in single file down the center aisle, receive the Blessed Sacrament, and return to their seats by the side aisles. Strips of blue tape on the floor, spaced 6 feet apart, help those waiting in line to maintain social distancing
  12. At the end of the Mass, please take your bulletin with you and leave the building quickly and quietly. It’s important not to gather for conversation in the aisles, the narthex or the office. Socializing can more safely be done outdoors on the sidewalk.

Pastor John A. Stoudt